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Palladiana Terrazzo

Palladiana Terrazzo

Palladiana terrazzo is a type of mosaic finish incorporating the use of large marble / Stone slabs. The options when designing a Palladiana floor are limitless.

The process is intricate, and fine honed skills, are required to execute this type of flooring.

The creation begins with selection of the stone. The stone is broken and pieces are fabricated into the shapes and sizes that have been specified.

After careful preparation of the substrate, the stone pieces are installed.

The layout design can be as specific or random as desired.

The spacing between marble pieces is another design element to be considered. A custom Terrazzo mix is then installed in the joints between the slabs. This mix can be either with smaller marble aggregate or without.

Once the Terrazzo has cured, the grinding and honing process begins.

Once the Stunning seamless floor is honed or polished to the desired sheen, a premium protective sealer is applied.

The results speak for themselves.