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Marble and Stone Floor Polishing

Marble and Stone Floor Polishing

At InStyle Stone, we are experts at enhancing and protecting newly laid Marble and natural stone tiles with marble and stone polishing.

We offer grinding, polishing, honing and sealing with premium grade penetrating sealers, to protect you’re home or commercial space.

By grinding and polishing marble, granite, terrazzo or any other natural stone surface, you ensure that the stone is brought to its absolute best. Most importantly after grinding and leveling your stone, it will be easier to maintain and keep clean. You will also reduce the risk of future cracks or chips, as we eliminate tile lippage, and create a seamless floor. A range of finishes available includes: honed, satin, gloss & mirror finish.

Our Marble & Stone experts can also achieve a perfect finish by removing the grout in your floor and refilling with high-grade epoxy/polyresin. This is colour matched to your marble or stone. Unlike grout which cracks and discolours, this method offers increased stability, minimum colour change and wear over time.  Once hardened the floor is then ground and polished, at which stage we will also fill any cracks, fractures or open veins.

An impregnating sealer is then applied which ensures prevention of stains and increased surface protection.  This method creates a seamless marble or stone effect that can help create a timeless aesthetic that will only enhance the beauty and worth of your interior or exterior residential or commercial space.

Installing a New Marble or Stone Floor?

Save time and money by avoiding getting your tiles grouted. Just call InStyle Stone and we will gladly come to fill the gaps with epoxy/polyresin before proceeding to grind & polish. As approved applicators of the Lithofin Range of products, we can also pass on their 20 years warranty for new surfaces sealed with Lihtofin MN stain stop. 

Marble & Stone Restoration

We can remove stains, scratches, chips, imperfections, and bring dull and lifeless floors, benchtops, bars, vanities, fireplaces, retail fixtures etc to look like new again.  We can also do sink and hotplate cut-out adjustments and modifications to other stone surfaces.

Our experience in stone restoration ranges from the 5-star hospitality industry to universities, landmark sites, commercial, retail and residential properties.

Marble & Stone polishing services in High traffic areas

We understand that in many businesses, such as hotels, shopping centres, public spaces, access and disruption to trade have to be kept to a minimum. We can tailor our service to address your main concerns, be it scratches, gloss level, general wear, and tear. We offer a less invasive  Stone Floor Rejuvenation process, allowing us to cause minimal disruption to the running of your business and offering a service that meets your budget.

Utilising the TWISTER polishing system, we can work in sections, the diamond floor cleaning pads present a revolutionary method for machine polishing and cleaning of any floor without the use of chemicals. It’s the easy, cost-efficient and environmentally friendly approach to professional polishing and cleaning, producing outstanding and long-lasting results.

Marble & Stone Rejuvenation for your Home

The TWISTER polishing system is a wonderful service, we offer to our residential clients for these occasions:

1. Selling your home,
2. Moving into a new home or
3. Simply to maintain your floors, this service is second to none.

Maintaining Your Stone

We will work with you to develop an appropriate maintenance program to ensure the longevity and impressiveness of your stone. We will assess your needs based on the surface type and traffic. We will advise accordingly. We can also offer advice on cleaning products that will not be harmful to your surface.


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