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Terrazzo Polishing & Restoration

Polishing Terrazzo Floors Melbourne

When you are looking for professional Terrazzo floor polishing in Melbourne and surrounding areas, our expert team has extensive experience and expertise  polishing terrazzo and working with all characteristics of Terrazzo floors. We utilise the best Terrazzo floor polishing equipment, and techniques to ensure your Terrazzo flooring is in the very best condition. .

Terrazzo floor polishing requires an expert’s touch and to achieve the best results a professional should be engaged. Instyle Stone and Concrete employ professional polishing technicians that you can rely upon to polish your Terrazzo floors to an optimum finish that will surpass your expectations.

Our polishing process does not include coatings, sealers or waxes. Any stains requiring removal or patching can be dealt with during the polishing process.

Our team will handle all aspects of the polishing project until completion, when your Terrazzo flooring will look like new.


Terrazzo Flooring Tips


Terrazzo flooring is a tough surface and will not require protection from wear and tear. It does, however, need to be protected from absorbing moisture and staining.

With this in mind here are some tips


• Spillages on Terrazzo floors must be cleaned up immediately.

• Surfaces should be cleaned regularly and floors rinsed thoroughly.

• Use a neutral cleaning agent which will loosen dirt and debris naturally. Avoid using general purpose alkaline or abrasive cleaners. There are cleaning agents specifically designed for Terrazzo flooring.


Instyle Stone and Concrete services the Melbourne suburban area with the very best Terrazzo floor polishing service. . Give us a call today to discuss your needs or obtain prices.

Please Contact us on 0412195214 or 0412382416 to arrange your Terrazzo floor polishing today

Terrazzo Floor Restoration, Polishing and Honing

Terrazzo is made using marble, quartz, granite and glass chips. A wide variety of colors, looks, patterns and designs can be achieved. Terrazzo offers the attractiveness of natural stone without the associated cost.

One advantage of using Terrazzo tiles or Terrazzo seamless flooring is that the floor is extremely sturdy and strong. They are one of the most resilient tiles available in the market and are far stronger than stone and ceramic styles.

At InStyle Stone & Concrete we can restore your Terrazzo floor to look as good as new. Our Restoration service involves mechanically grinding to level and smooth the surface, followed by polishing with diamond resin pads up to the level of gloss desired.

We also offer a Rejuvenation option, which offers excellent results for floors needing a facelift to bring them back to their former beauty.

We will also seal the floor to protect and maintain the look of your newly Restored or Rejuvenated Terrazzo Floor.

We are registered and approved applicators of Lithofin Sealers Australia.   LITHOFIN is synonymous with special products that define the standard. Offering  a 20 years warranty on their premium range of sealers (please see Lithofn Australia website for details and conditons)


Our Terrazzo services include the following:

  • Terrazzo restoration
  • Terrazzo honing
  • Terrazzo polishing
  • Terrazzo repair

This service is ideal for any area including:

  • Residential Entrances
  • Interior floors
  • Commercial Kitchens
  • Hotels
  • Universities
  • Hospitals
  • Government buildings
  • Shopping centers
  • Community venues