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We are committed to delivering high quality concrete flooring and stone polishing solutions for industrial, commercial and residential sectors.

floor surface restoration

Existing Surface Restoration

We will tailor a maintenance program that is specifically designed for your needs, your floor type and the amount of traffic on your floor. We can enhance the look and feel of your existing stone tiled floor by removing the existing grout and filling the gaps with a colour matched glue; then we will proceed with polishing to achieve that stunning, regal look that will make your tiled floor appear as a seamless shiny surface.

Floor Preparation

Every floor needs to be prepared prior to installation of a brand new surface. No matter what flooring solution you choose from us, we will insure that your old floors are leveled and all unwanted elements of the previous flooring system have been removed. We will insure that your floors are 100% ready for application of a brand new surface.

Enhancing New Floors

We work with builders, construction companies, architects, property developers and home owners to enhance the look and quality of the new floor they have chosen. Whether it is a concrete floor with epoxy coating or hi-polished stone surfaces, we will come to your property to examine your floor and give you the best possible solution for your requirements and budget.

Decorative Concrete

We can offer you a stunning custom made floor that can go over your existing tiles, floor boards or concrete. You can choose any colour and dictate which finish you desire. Your floor can look like a seamless marble or granite floor for a fraction of the cost of tiles, or a modern 3D effect surface with an endless array of options. Click here to read more about decorative concrete.