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Polished Concrete

Real polished concrete is concrete that has been treated with a chemical densifier and ground with progressively finer grinding tools. The grinding tools are usually progressive grits of diamond grinding cup wheels and diamond polishing pads. Typically, concrete is not considered polished before 400 grit, and is normally finished to either the 800, 1500, or 3000 grit level. Stains and dyes are often applied to enhance polished finish. 1

This is simply concrete at its best! The longevity of the polished finish is expected to last an average of 20 years.

Polished concrete has become increasingly popular due to its durability, ease of maintenance, eco friendliness and modern look.

Understanding Polished Concrete

Currently, the industry breaks down the process of concrete polishing into concrete grinding and concrete polishing . Some within the industry simply use the word "polishing" for the entire process. The process of polishing concrete consists of three consecutive categories: concrete grinding, concrete honing and concrete polishing. Each category is then broken down into multiple steps, consisting of consecutively finer grit abrasives. During this process a densifier or hardener is applied that is absorbed into the concrete creating a chemical reaction that makes the concrete more dense and hard. Steps Of Concrete Polishing – True Polished Concrete:

  • Ground concrete is the lowest category of steps of a processed concrete surface. Any grit abrasive from approximately a 50-grit resin and below is considered a grinding step. A ground concrete surface has a flat appearance with no or very slight reflection and may at times have a low sheen.
  • Honed concrete is the next category of steps above ground concrete in the processing system. Any grit abrasive from approximately a 100-grit resin to a 400-grit resin is considered a honing step. A honed concrete surface has a matte appearance and/or slight clarity of reflection that has a low, medium or high sheen.
  • Polished concrete is the highest category of steps of processed concrete.
  • Any grit abrasive from approximately an 800-grit resin and above, typically to 1,500 or 3,000 grit, is considered a polishing step. A polished concrete surface has clarity of reflection like a mirror and has a glass-like finish.

Concrete Grind & Seal / Concrete Grinding

Grind and seal is the process by which the concrete is ground to the level of aggregate stone exposure desired. That is the degree to which we see the stones that are contained within the concrete mix. A few variations are offered based on the level where the grinding process is stopped. It can be finished at a rough, scratchy level or to smooth finish. This will determine the cost of the job. The surface is then sealed with a concrete acrylic sealer, epoxy or polyurethane coating. While looking fantastic in a variety of finishes including honed, satin or high gloss, this coating will need to be reapplied over time. This system is also more prone to scratching. Grind & Seal is a popular choice for customers due to the lower cost than a Grind & Polish, which is a more labour intensive process (described above).

Our Concrete Floor Polishing services include the following:

  • Concrete Grinding and Sealing existing or new concrete (interior / exterior)
  • Floor leveling
  • Surface preparation – removal of old surface, glue removal
  • Existing concrete coating removal
  • Epoxy removal
  • Grouting with cement to correct imperfections and filling air bubbles
  • Sealing with a stain and the block out sealer to reduce water and oil staining
  • Options of aggregate exposure
  • Concrete staining
  • Klindex Superfloor system for Concrete surfaces
  • Designer concrete coatings

Polished concrete flooring is ideal for:

  • Residential and Commercial Flooring
  • Industrial Flooring
  • Architectural Homes
  • Eco-Friendly Flooring Solutions
  • Internal and External Living Areas
  • Concrete Driveways
  • Showrooms
  • Restaurants, Pubs and ClubsFlooring
  • Retail Shops and Salons
  • Shopping Centres
  • Hotel Lobbies
  • Garages
  • Supermarkets
  • Hospital Flooring

Understanding Polished Concrete

Click here to view the information sheet about Polished Concrete and how it applies to your flooring project. PDF.


interior with polished concrete floors Polished concrete floor melbourne vic concrete floor interior
Polished concrete examples – Superior quality and timeless look. Rob Mills Architects.
polished concrete floor for studio Polished concrete floor specialists in melbourne concrete floor yoga studio
One Hot Yoga by Rob Mills Architect – Polished Concrete Random Exposure Matt Finish
Concrete Grind & Seal example Concrete Grind & Seal specialists melbourne Concrete Grind & Seal example
Grind & Seal melbourne polished concrete floor kitchen Concrete Grind & Seal Melbourne
Polished concrete examples
UV Stable Polyurethane coating in an Alfresco area Grind & Seal Full Aggregate Grind & Seal Full Aggregate exposure in an Alfresco area
Grind & Seal, Full Aggregate exposure with UV Stable Polyurethane coating in an Alfresco area.
UV Stable Polyurethane coating in an Alfresco area Grind & Seal Full Aggregate Grind & Seal Full Aggregate exposure in an Alfresco area
Grind & seal examples – residential floor area, Melbourne
Industrial finish floor
Before and After - Industrial finish look Grind & Seal Non UV Stable Polyurethane High Gloss Finish
Tinted Polyurethane
Before and After - Grind & Seal Tinted Polyurethane, KX Pilates Malvern
Polished concrete Before and After shots
Before and After - Example of Grind & Seal Floor
Concrete Floor before polish and after polish
Before and After - Example of Grind & Seal Floor


InStyle Stone pride ourselves on exceptional concrete flooring services that meet and exceed customer expectations. Our director, Ido Gat, brings over 15 years of dedicated experience in the industry. He is a registered practitioner with The Master Builders association. Ido’s knowledge of the industry, attention to detail in all aspects of stone and concrete grinding and polishing, and many years of experience in enhancement of new floors and restoration of the existing concrete surfaces, are the greatest assets of our company.

If you are unsure about which flooring solution is most suitable for your home or business, click here to view our gallery including examples of concrete grinding and concrete polishing.

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