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Palladiana Terrazzo

Handed down through the centuries via the Venetian Renaissance, Palladiana Terrazzo Mosaic floors belong to a tradition of artistic excellence. Regarded as one of the best building materials for floors, Palladiana Terrazzo tiles are still laid directly on site by our highly specialised craftsmen.

Today, with the partial introduction of concrete and the use of electric grinders, production has become much faster and affordable. Palladiana Terrazzo flooring is an interpretation of the typical Ancient Roman technique, using irregular-shaped pieces, and made directly on site from a variety of stone and aggregate; crafted by hand utilising various shapes and colours, using a small hammer. The spaces are then sealed with grout, or our own custom Terrazzo mix – depending upon the design. Once hardened, the entire floor is mechanically ground, honed or polished, then sealed with a protective penetrating sealer, which brings out the patterns and colours of the materials used.

Given the variety of aggregates and marbles available in today’s market, there are an infinite number of colour options, sizes, and shapes to achieve your décor result. Our expert floor layers can also insert backgrounds, geometric and ornamental motifs into your own unique customised Palladiana Terrazzo flooring, creating a contemporary look from an ancient art form.

Palladiana Terrazzo flooring can be used for interior and exterior surfaces, as it is non-slip, safe and aesthetically pleasing, as well as being easy to clean and maintain. It doesn’t absorb bacteria or moisture, making it ideal for high traffic areas. Outdoors, the Palladian Terrazzo flooring process is particularly suitable for walkways as the stone does not heat up in summer, allowing you to walk barefoot.

Strong, stylish, durable and versatile, Palladiana Terrazzo floors offer infinite possibilities for industrial and commercial building sectors, which is why it is often used in high-populated areas such as airports, office buildings, shopping malls and hospitals. With its high abrasion-resistant and strong adhesive characteristics, there is no better product for high traffic flooring.

In the 21st century, Palladiana Terrazzo flooring has had a renaissance revival, as architects explore new ways to work with natural and recycled materials. This sophisticated and classy effect has come back into style, as designers take inspiration from age old traditions.

A Palladiana Terrazzo floor, made with natural stones gives the perfect balance between beauty and functionality, creating a space that is much more inviting and engaging than traditional flooring materials. This flooring style changes the perception that flooring is boring. The endless design possibilities ensure Palladiana Terrazzo flooring will give your home a unique and practical flooring solution which is easy to maintain and clean, and will last for decades.


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