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proper floor preparation makes all the difference

Avoid these common flooring errors

Few areas are as subject to constant abuse as a building’s flooring and maintaining floor surfaces can become quite a costly exercise both for homeowners and commercial business enterprises.  There is nothing that can can impact upon a building’s appearance more than a neglected tiled floor surface

We are constantly dismayed to find that more time and energy has gone into initial cost consideration and looks than how a tiled floor will look and perform in a cost sense for the medium to long term..

The reason for this disastrous state of affairs is simple. When a floor is laid, there is almost always some conflicts of interest between interested parties. These conflicts are natural but can be destructive.

  • Builders want to control construction costs and will always look to trim first costs.
  • Maintenance people are more interested in keeping control of operating costs. Naturally, they see ongoing maintenance costs as more significant than initial installation costs.
  • The owner or manager has to keep both initial and ongoing costs in mind while also making sure that the floor matches the overall aesthetics of the building.

marble tile flooring finish

The key factor to consider when deciding upon floor covering is to bear in mind that decisions made in regard to flooring installation will have significant affect on the life-cycle cost of the floor covering. Short-term savings may appear attractive but those pennies saved initially will amount to nothing if the decision causes substantial losses over the life of the product.

It’s important to remember though that the most expensive flooring choice, may not necessarily be the best one or the least expensive over the full life-cycle.

Instyle Stone have many years experience in the flooring industry and have compiled a list of cost cutting measures that organisations take that ultimately hurt them in flooring costs.

  1.  Choosing the floor tile without giving due consideration to the overall needs. There is no single best type of flooring. Different flooring types will behave in a different way they are going to be used. If the floor tiling is to last, it is imperative that consideration be given to how the space is going to be used and how that use will affect the type of flooring that is to be installed. This requires some careful consideration about the tasks that you expect to be carried out within the different parts of the building, and what affect those tasks are likely to have upon the flooring. Each area will have specific requirements to be considered A variety of dynamics need to be taken into account such as safety, strength, ongoing maintenance needs, and comfort. Areas like bathrooms and kitchens need flooring that is easily cleaned and is able to withstand constant cleaning and contact with water. Flooring for high traffic areas needs to be whereas office areas, bedrooms and conference rooms may have entirely different requirements.
  2. Cutting corners at installation. The old saying of if it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right applies here. Keeping control of costs is always foremost in our minds, but cutting costs without having due regard for the future borders on insanity.   One example here is not taking the time to properly level stone tile floor areas to make grout joints flush with floor tiles as well as ensuring all lips are levelled off. The extra time and attention can be the difference between an amazingly attractive floor surface and something that is just OK. Saving a few dollars on floor installation may seem a good idea at the time but it could make everything liable for increased ongoing maintenance costs expenses as well as a full replacement earlier than planned.  Do it once and do it right.
  1. Reducing floor maintenance. Maintenance is always an “easy” target when it comes to reducing costs and it’s another case of being penny wise and a pound foolish. Reducing maintenance will cut costs for a while only to see them blow out as the affects of neglect begin to take hold. The same rules apply to floor maintenance. Reducing cleaning frequency is always tempting but should be avoided. Habitual dust mopping and damp mopping will aid in removing dirt and other debris before they can be ground into the floor’s surface, thereby dulling its appearance. Regular polishing of stone and marble surfaces will help to maintain the floor’s original look and increase its longevity.
  1. Not using the right floor-cleaning equipment. Quite often more money gets spent on floor cleaning than what the original floor cost. Skimping here is tempting but trying to make do with whatever you already have at best will increase maintenance costs and mat worst may damage the floor. If in doubt, consult with experts in the field.  Instyle stone and concrete has the expertise and knowledge to assist with stone and marble floor polishing and renovation. Don’t guess.
  1. Not conducting a life-cycle cost analysis. As we’ve previously indicated, up front costs are often the decisive factor in the kind of flooring installed. But time and again, the cheapest up front choice proves to be the most expensive over the life term of the floor. The best way of getting a full picture of the overall cost of flooring is to conduct a life-cycle cost analysis on all appropriate flooring alternatives.  Here are some key questions to consider in that analysis -:
  • How long will the floor last under the conditions expected for it to be subjected to?
  • What is the full cost of the installed product, counting all surface preparation?
  • How much will it cost to clean the floor over its expected life?
  • What are the maintenance costs over the whole life term of the floor?
  • What will it cost to replace the flooring when it’s time to replace it?

When the owner or manager has the answers to all these questions they can make an informed decision about the best flooring option for their building

Instyle stone and concrete take great pride in providing quality stone flooring to suit all situations.  We understand the importance of getting flooring right from the very start and will work closely with you to ensure that your floor is properly laid, levelled and polished to deliver the best long term results.



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