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Terrazzo Floors

Terrazzo Flooring Origins

Terrazzo floors are one of the most versatile options available to both commercial and home interiors.
This unique material has been around since the ancient times of Egypt. The form we use today was cemented in history, from pavimento alla veneziana (Venetian pavement).
Invented in Italy as a cheap alternative to marble or stone. Its initial creation was to utilise the excess waste of these materials. It can be seen in many famous Italian buildings and Michelangelo even used it in St Peter’s Basilica.

Terrazzo Today

Terrazzo is more common today, than many may realise. Due to its durability it can last several decades and still look brand new. It had a peak time during the Art Deco period, and one of the most famous uses of a terrazzo floor can be seen on, Hollywood Boulevards, Walk of Fame. It was even used for its versatility and affordability in many 1970s homes in Australia. Thanks to Italian immigrants using their skills.

Terrazzo floors have been updated, both in both quality and style and are enjoying a resurgence in popularity today.  Created with a mixture of concrete binder, combined with quartz, marble, glass chips and granite. The surface is then polished to give it both sheen and durability. Terrazzo offers versatility, in that it can be produced in any colour or design. Combine this with its durability, in that it is easy to clean and lasts forever. This makes it a perfect flooring option for households, with young families and/or pets.  It’s easy to clean, and will always looks brand new.

In Situ Terrazzo Flooring

In Situ, terrazzo flooring is growing in popularity as it offers on-site application resulting in seamless floors, that are then polished to a perfection. Often seen in hotel lobbies, shopping centres, foyers, supermarkets and cinema complexes. It is now enjoying a resurgence in houses giving new homes or renovated homes an extra touch of the Mediterranean combined with a timeless high quality design.
It provides a unique surface that can be designed and created to suit your tastes, the design options are endless and terrazzo floors are being offered and used as an alternative to tiles and hardwood floors.

Often being used in apartments it’s now making its way into homes both newly constructed and renovated, it is no longer just an option for hallways, stairs and patios.  It’s increasingly being seen, that terrazzo floors are the perfect option. Its unique design options, durability and ease to clean provides the perfect way to elevate your home out of suburbia and into Vogue Living Magazine. Terrazzo floors are now providing a unique alternative to other hard flooring options.

If you are seeking design and the durability of terrazzo surfaces or In Situ terrazzo.  Instyle Stone has years of experience and can assist with the entire process from design through to the application.
Instyle Stone utilise state of the art machinery and offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Our team explain the benefits of In Situ terrazzo flooring and how it can be custom designed to your exact specifications.
We understand each customer’s needs and will ensure you receive a design and surface that suits your vision.

So, whether you are renovating or building your dream home. In Situ terrazzo flooring may be the solution or alternative you’ve been seeking.

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